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Gosh, though, it's been a bloody age since I posted.  If one was to read my previous posts you would think that I've done nothing but get steadily more depressed since January!

Which is, actually, sort of true.  But not interesting.  Two weeks ago I had one of those revelatory moments while I was writing - proper, frenzied, you-could-do-this-in-a-film writing - and due to some arcane moving in the chemical tumbler lock of my consciousness, I worked out how to be okay again.  It faded - as revelations do, alas - but the echoes of it are there like a song I can't quite hear, and everything's doing better.  Not that you cared.  Anyway!  News!

I am going to start running a Dark Heresy radicals game, thanks to the gneral lack of giveafuck all round.  This will have some Serious Roleplay in it with Genuine Moral Decisions like, and I really hope that it works out.  I am currently trying to come up with some sort of horrible initiation ceremony for the acolytes, coupled with the horrible first mission.  My horror gaming abilities may come in well here, I reckon.

I had shaved my beard - gasp! - but you knew this, because I did it a month ago now.  But you may not have seen me since then, in which case hello, I have no beard.  Well.  I have a beard that outlines the edges of my massive face like some sort of hirsuite Maginot line, keeping the boundaries of my face in and everything else out.  Not that there is much of anything else in this world.

I am still not smoking - go me - and the pillar of sanity that smoking provided has now sort of been replaced with the pillar that not smoking provides, which is awesome but makes it significantly harder to get up some mornings.  Although not coughing up lung-jellyfish is always a good thing, and I can walk uphill now.

I have Actually Decided on the Actual Tattoo I am Probably going to get, and I'm not going to say what it is or post an image of anything because I am a) a bit poor and b) a bit of a wuss and I may well drop out, especially as the image is going to be larger than A5 size.  But it sums up what I think is awesome and what I think is important in one neat image.

You know what?  Being at work for a year really knackers your brain.  I can't write or argue properly anymore, which is a shame, because those are the two things that I used to do more than anything.  A full year of corporate nonsense has eroded the facilities I would have used to vocally disagree with people and then write about it, something which I was a big fan of back in my University days.  I think I am also less of a jerk, although how of a good thing that is I'm not entirely certain.

That'll do.  Next time I promise I'll have something interesting, just you wait and see if I don't.


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