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To Mary (Blog like it's the end of the world)

In case you're interested - I don't know how I'm posting this either. Whoever's broadcasting the signal I've been stealing for a year and a half is still broadcasting it, despite what you hear about the networks going down all over the place. Maybe there's more to them than meets the eye. If my laptop was working maybe I could try and track them down by clambering across the rooftops out of my bathroom window and seeing where the signal's stronger. But it's not, and I can't clamber over fucking rooftops anyway.

But yes.  Whatever. I'll be dead by the time you read this. If you're reading, sweetheart, I love you, and I'm sorry. I hear that people in trains might be okay - they're basically armoured - but I don't know if anyone on there had it.  They would have turned by now. I guess you can shut the doors off and give up sections. I hope you're okay. Hope you're not trapped in an armoured, airless box with them. I heard there was some military action going on in Wales, so maybe they got to you in time.  Sure as hell didn't get to me.

I had a friend round today - George - and we chatted. He didn't look well. I couldn't have told, you know? I couldn't have told what was wrong with him. We were having a smoke out back and he collapsed, went straight white and hit his head.  I dragged him into the kitchen and tried to phone an ambulance, but no-one picked up. That's when I got scared, I guess.

I put the TV on and, yeah, well, we all saw it. I caught it late on as I'd been painting NERF guns and reading D&D .pdfs all day, and - and, yeah. Outbreak. I went upstairs to get a wet towel - got knows why, it seemed like the thing to do, I didn't think it could make the situation any worse - and when I got back down, George was on his feet. Blood dripping from where he'd cut his head spattered on the white kitchen tiles, and when I walked up to put the towel on the wound he rushed me. All nails and teeth and dead eyes, not even looking at me - I fell, I didn't know what the hell was going on - and managed to kick him back into the middle of the room. Plates and glasses smashed everywhere. Push myself up on broken glass and shattered plates and my hand starts pissing blood but he's still coming, and I manage to shoulder him into the bathroom.  He trips over the bag of potatoes I'd moved when the washing machine broke, cracks his head on the sink, and cries out. Moans.  I slammed the door shut and thew stuff in front of it - chairs, mainly, and the stepladder.

I was freaking out, and bleeding, and I staggered upstairs again - tried to pick the glass out of my hand but it hurt too much so I just bandage it - first with bandages, then with an old t-shirt. I got blood on some of your clothes. I'm sorry. I'm typing this one-handed.

That was four hours ago, and I'm a bit more stable now. I've managed to sit down and not just pace up and down. I walked downstairs a couple of times to get food, but he's in the part of the house where the pantry is so it's mostly fridge stuff and that packet of digestives that your family didn't eat and I subsequently stole.  I drank the milk before it got warm and was sick out the window. Can't keep anything down. I drew some faces on the digestives with the icing we got for Charlie's cake. I gave one of them curly hair. I can't eat that one.

George is up and keeps banging on the door and crying.

On one of my trips downstairs, someone smashed through the downstairs front window - they didn't make a big hole, but I think they got stuck in the glass. I wasn't thinking straight. I should have put the coffee table in front of it first thing. Wasn't thinking. All this Zombie experience and I didn't block off the window. I guess you always figure you'll have friends with you when it happens.  Rushed upstairs - dropped the food, by the way - and pushed the big dresser full of props down the stairs.  It came open halway down and jammed nicely.

I had a look at my hand, and it's black. Is that normal? The wounds are all black. I don't think it's normal. I don't know. Wikipedia doesn't have anything to say. I think some of my blood must have mixed with George's when I cut my hand in the kitchen.  I think I've got whatever they've got. Maybe it's stress and fear and hunger, I mean, I've got enough of those to last me a lifetime.

So - Mary, I hope you read this, I hope you're still alive, I hope you manage to set up a life for yourself reporting the infection. I'm so sorry. The end of the world happened and we couldn't do it together. I figured I'd always have your back and I've let you down. I've set out some stuff on the bedroom floor -  my wedding ring, my surplus headspace, and the original draft of my ringwords. I think they'll do. I think they'll sum me up. I'm taking the book you wrote me.

I'm going. I'm going to stay awake until they break through the window and start on the dresser or until I'm sure I'm going to turn. I can get down into the back yard and then out into the countryside along the train tracks.  Mary, I'm going to find you, or I'm going to die out there. I'm not staying here to rot so they can find my body, shambling around our bedroom. I'm not going to let them take what we had. They can't poison that. Whatever happens, we had a beautiful life together.

I don't know how to get to Wrexham. I guess I'll find out.

Love you loads. Stay alive.

G x

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