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Following that mission statement
So, on a day off because I was too tired to move, I have -

- Slept two bonus hours (yay)
- Participated on a D&D rap battle on /tg/ that is still proceeding - I'm not very good, but i'm having a go
- Wrote up a load of Zombie rules but even I am tiring of fiddling with wordings
- Drawn a lady (Miss Yoko Matsugane, after a recommendation from the dude who draws Penny Arcade) from a photograph, not what's in my head, and it's worked out pretty well - doesn't look much like her but could pass for human, at least
- Not eaten enough food
- Drunk too much coffee

So, in short, very little.  But I have achieved some stuff, and that's a good thing.  Plus every day I come up with more horrible things to put my Dark Heresy players through.  I think I might bet getting tired of being one of those "nice" GMs.

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Why would you want to be one of those. I keep stating things then thinking a bit later. Hope this does kill them all

except it was ment to read doesn't. man that changed the whole mood of the message

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