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Mission statement
In reaction to the dawning realisation that I am losing my creative nature, I am hereby to provisionally live during my free time according to the following mission statement:

Form opinions - discover stuff - get your creative faculties back - argue - make people laugh - be passionate about things - have a good time

These will be achieved through the following outlets (outlets subject to change at any given time).  If anyone has any advice on how they can achieved, please contact me.

1) Drawing - life drawing - learn how to draw faces, hands and feet with relative accuracy.  Also learn to draw in clean, anime-esque style.  Become confident enough to draw on clean A3 paper with a fineline sharpie.  Broaden range of potential composition and subjects.

2) Singing - jazz, blues, acoustic, whatever - sing, do it in front of people, become good enough to make singing in front of people a reality, join a band, join a choir, whatever.

3) Writing - read detective/horror/comedy/whatever books that I haven't read before, watch films, absorb as many new ideas and culture as possible, explore different forms of art (theatre, music, poetry, etc).

4) Self-image - get a haircut.  Modify the Wheel of Fortune tarot card art to my liking and have it tattooed inbetween shoulderblades.  Save money to buy decent pair of glasses - bold, thick-framed ones.

5) Smoke - well, inhale - buy a vaporiser and open up the world of smoking again.

6) Employment - apply for at least 1 new job a week, preferably in marketing/creative but admin would do.

7) Write - anything; plots, gear, fluff, stories, background, character sketches, comedy scenes, nerdcore rap lyrics, meandering free prose - write, all the time, write so it isn't sacred any more and flows like it used to.

8) Become aware - buy a newspaper occasionally, read it, form opinions of what you have read and discuss them with others.  Read the news on the internet.  Get a greater grasp on technology than you currently possess.


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