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Today I walked around the city centre with a bunch of lovely gay people. 

There were only six people who didn't like us doing it (aside from the people who were stuck in buses, but w/e) and all they did was hold up signs with confusing slogans on it - general message is that we were going to go to hell, I think, someone was - but a lot of big lesbians blew them kisses or booed them, and I think we won overall as there were like six hundred people on our side and six on theirs. 

Although they had God on their side, and he must be at least 594 people.  Well, anyway.

There was dancing and drums and whistles and chips and apparently we won theatre tickets because we entered a raffle and yay.  It was an awesome and really positive day and a great turnout.

And tonight I will have enchiladas for tea, and tomorrow we are buying a tent.


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